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NOTICE:  Because of Covid, I am currently not seeing customers until further notice.....


Welcome to Home PC Consultant!  I have been in business since 2001, serving the Huron County, Michigan area.  I have over 15 years of personal computer experience, including building my own computers.  My main emphasis is to assist home PC enthusiasts with learning about general computing, the internet, and general care of their PC.  I will come to your home to do simple repair, tutoring and general troubleshooting for a service call fee and hourly labor.  Please see the Services Section for more information.  I also do web page design and can help you go through the process of registering a domain and creating a website or do it for you!

Gerry Prich, Home PC Consultant

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Contact Information

(989) 550-4738
Postal address
3925 S. McMillan Road
          Bad Axe, MI  48413
Electronic mail
General Information: gerryprich@gmail.com


Gerry Prich,
Home PC Consultant



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